build thoughtful habits

Strengthen Your Writing Routine.

With National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) just around the corner, there is no better time to improve your daily writing habit. cue.reply keeps you on track by sending daily reminders to your email address. Any replies sent from your email will be stored for safekeeping, meaning you can write your entire novel without leaving your email client.



What is cue.reply?

cue.reply leverages your daily email routine to help you develop good habits without leaving your inbox.

Why is this an improvement over anything?

Building habits is hard. Leveraging an existing habit — checking your inbox — according to your own schedule makes you more likely to succeed.

Stay in your inbox. cue.reply replaces the need for a separate calendar/alarm, word processor, and storage location, meaning all of the additional barriers they erect have been taken away.

Your hard work is safe. Your replies are saved in the cloud and can be exported as often as you'd like.

Why is this free?

Many more features are waiting to be added. Eventually, some of those features may be worth some amount of money to some people. If that happens, the features you currently use will remain free to you.

Is my data safe?

Your data will never be used by anyone except you. That means no third parties, no manipulative algorithms, no unauthorized research. Should cue.reply close or undergo an operational shift, you will receive notification and an automatic export of your data. If for whatever reason you wish to stop using this service, you may remove your data at any time.